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CPAFFC Promotes Exchange Program at XMU
  Time: 2017-03-15   Author:   clicks: 31

Officials of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPACC) hosted a promotional seminar at the CFLC on December 28 for a social application program in Japan. The promotional event attracted many second-year students majoring in the Japanese language.

CPACC officials for international exchange, Mr. Lei Ting, Mr. Hu Bao and Ms. Ji Xing made presentations on this particular program and took questions from the students.

Inaugurated in 2011, the program is aimed at facilitating studentsgrowth and employment.

At the beginning of the seminar, Ms. Ji made an introduction of the purpose of program and the nature of her association. She stated that the short-term exchange program would help students enhance their Japanese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, enhance their communicative competence, and gain a better understanding of the management and corporate culture of Japanese firms. She said that students participating in the program would be able to build a solid foundation for their future careers and broaden their perspectives.

In addition, Ms. Ji elaborated on the procedure of the program and distributed leaflets to the students. Many students expressed interest in the program.

Following Ms. Ji’s presentation, Mr. Lei and Mr. Hu answered students questions about the program. Prof. Wu Guanghui, chair of the CFLC Department of Japanese, also reviewed the history of the departments social application programs and summer school programs and highlighted the meaning and features of the CPACCs Japan-bound program.

The promotional event was well-received by the students, many of whom had plans for further education in Japan.

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