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CFLC Students Recognized for Exemplary Volunteer S...
  Time: 2016-09-05   Author:   clicks: 118

Seven students and one staff member of CFLC have won the Universitys recognition for their volunteer services. Gao Xin has been named one of the University’s top 10 student volunteers, while Feng Qi, He Chenyu, Yao Xilin and Wang Huimin have been honored as “exemplary volunteers”. Staff member Zhang Wenbo and student Lin Wanglin were both recognized for “exemplary volunteer service”.


CFLC’s signature volunteer service program, the “STAR Program Qianpu Elementary School Assistance Action, was named an exemplary volunteer program.


Volunteering is a great way to gain personal and practical experience while making positive changes in the community. The vast array of volunteer options provides opportunities for students to get involved and develop technical skills and educational insights not taught in the classroom. Volunteering creates lasting impacts on the health and well-being of communities, and betters the lives of all involved including the volunteer.


Committed to giving back to the world and bringing back a world of understanding, CFLC students each year perform thousands of hours of volunteer service. The Universitys recognition of the students and staff member for their exemplary volunteer service will inspire more students to join volunteer programs.

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