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Students Commended for Engagement in Social Programs
  Time: 2017-01-03   Author:   clicks: 49

CFLC held a meeting on October 25 to commend outstanding student teams which had taken part in social programs during the summer break of 2016. Attending the meeting were CFLC Deputy Party Secretary Yang Yunliang and Student Counselors Xiao Ying, Zhang Wenbo, Zhou Xiaomu, and Yang Shenglan, as well as representatives of the student teams.

The meeting began with an introduction of the social programs by student He Ziqi, head of CFLCs social program planning. The introduction was followed by a five-minute presentation by each student team.

The Translation Bridge team talked about how they launched a campaign to enhance the signage translation in Xiamen.

The Media Talk team spoke about their surveys of the campus media and their findings and recommendations for improvement.

The Xiamen English team described how they used their language skills to assist a local English tutoring school.

The Light of Nangying team introduced how they tutored elementary and secondary school students at Zhuba.

The Journey to Hangzhou team made a presentation about their surveys of businesses in anticipation of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

The Need for Stars team talked about how they promoted equal educational opportunity for children of migrant workers.

The Yongfu Township Taiwan Entrepreneurial Park team shared their experience in surveying leisure farming.

The Enhance the Cultural Bond team gave a description of their surveys of folk customs in Tawan.

Le Wuyang, Secretary of the CFLC Youth League, praised the student teams for their perseverance and commitment to social programs.

The meeting concluded with a voting for eight university-level outstanding student teams and another eight teams for college-level outstanding teams. Another 73 individual students were to be named active participants in social programs.

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