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Department of Japanese Language & Literature

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The Department of Japanese Language and Literature is nationally recognized for its Japanese studies. The department has a full-time faculty of 16:

• 2 full professors (including one PhD supervisor)

• 4 associate professors

• 7 assistant professors

• 3 instructors fromJapan

The department’s undergraduate program prepares students for successful careers in regional development and socio-economic growth. The department offers “3+1” undergraduate education programs in partnership with:

•NagasakiUniversityof Foreign Studies


• Great Eastern Cultural University




Under these programs, students study at XMU for three years and at a partner institution for one year. Additionally, in collaboration with Japanese universities, the Department runs an “overseas summer school” program for its third-year students. Graduates from the department have earned wide recognition in the job market for their competence.

Japanese Program

The Japanese program provides students with a solid foundation in the Japanese language by equipping them with strong Japanese listening, speaking, writing, reading and translation skills. Students develop their capabilities by identifying, analyzing and solving practical problems, while providing them with an environment in which to acquire cross-cultural communication skills. The department also requires students to pursue English as a second foreign language. Accordingly, students are required to acquire proficiency in both the Japanese and English languages by obtaining CET-4 or CET-6 certification.

The majority of the graduates from the department work in civil service, international trade and commerce, and interpretation for foreign affairs. Some pursue further studies abroad and some with an outstanding academic record go on to graduate schools at other prestigious institutions across the country with exemptions from entrance examinations upon recommendation by XMU.

Undergraduate courses offered by the Department include:

• Foundation Japanese

• Advanced Japanese

• ExtensiveReading

• Spoken Japanese

• Japanese Phonetics

• Japanese Writing for Beginners

• Japanese-Chinese Interpreting

• AdvancedReading

• Listening Comprehension

• Audiovisual Japanese

• Japanese Literature

• Japanese Writing

• Overview of Japanese Grammar

• Classical Japanese Grammar

• Japanese-Chinese Translation Practice and Theory

• Japanese Lexicology

• Overview ofJapan

• Japanese for Trade and Commerce

• Japanese Kanbun






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