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“Dramatic CFLC” 2017 Concludes
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On the evening of December 10, the three-part grand finale of “Dramatic CFLC” 2017 was staged in the Music Hall of the Science and Art Center at Xiamen University.

The show was composed of the Japanese opera“Princess Kaguya”, Russian opera“Eugene Onegin” and German opera “Oh, My God”. The performerspresented a two-hour feast for the eyes to Xiamen University students, faculty and staff. The show was emceed by Liu Zijian, a CFLC Japanese major.

Before the show kicked off, Professor Li Meihua, Vice Chair of CFLC, addressed the audience. She reviewed the preparatory process for the grand show and wished “Dramatic CFLC” 2017 a great success.

The Japanese opera “Princess Kaguya” tells the story of a bamboo cutter who finds a miniature girl and takes her home to his wife so they can bring her up as their own daughter. The girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her, but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime.

The Russian opera “Eugene Onegin” tells the tragic tale of the beautiful young woman, Tatiana, who falls in love with the eponymous friend of her sister’s fiancé. Onegin is a cautious man, however, and is unable to return Tatiana’s love. In the course of his interaction with Tatiana and her sister, Onegin ends up in a dispute with his friend Lensky, eventually killing him in a duel. After many years away from Tatiana, Onegin realizes that he indeed loves her. But it is too late: Tatiana has married a prince to whom she is determined to remain faithful, despite her still-active feelings for Onegin. The opera ends with Onegin in despair over this rejection.

The German opera“Oh, My God” shows in a humorous style the weakness of human nature and the stereotypical existence of certain groups. When the four characters die, they will be judged by Messenger Peadows of the Light and Lucifer of the Dark. The judges will determine their fate after their death.

The skillful performances of the student actors and actresses wowed the audience. The show marked the conclusion of the annual “Dramatic CFLC”. The remarkable success of the show can be attributed to the hard work of more than 200 students and faculty members from Xiamen University’s College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, School of Law, College of Art, School of Management, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Economics, Nanyang Research Institute, College of the Humanities, and School of Software.

Student Huang Yizheng, a CFLC sophomore who was on the cast of the English play “Measure for Measure”, commented: “All of the three performances were wonderful, allowing the students to appreciate the cultural and linguistic charm of different countries in the world. The Japanese, Russian and German dramas were short but rich in content, and the music, set, clothing, lighting and other aspects all revealed the different cultural characteristics of these countries, which was really impressive.”

The showprovided a platform for CFLC students to demonstrate their outstanding foreign language skills and profound cultural literacy, as well as their international outlook. Annual “Dramatic CFLC” will continue to fascinate audiences on campus.

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