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Hu Shenai
  Time: 2017-11-13   Author:   clicks: 199

Academic Degree:




Associate   Professor







College English,   Positive psychology, Psycholinguistics

Research Interests:

Language   acquisition, bilingualism, language impairment, developmental dyslexia

Professional Experience:

12/2016~present College of Foreign Languages &   Cultures, Xiamen University

01/2016-12/2016 Department of Psychology, University of   Milano-Bicocca

12/2014-11/2015 Department of Philology, Literature and   Linguistics, University of Verona

Educational Background:

09/2014 PhD Autonomous University of Barcelona &   University of Milano-Bicocca

03/2006 MA Zhejiang University

06/2003 BA Zhejiang University


Selected Papers:

Hu, S., Cecchetto, C., & Guasti,   M. T. (2018). Movement chains are computed hierarchically, not linearly: New   data from Wenzhounese relative clauses.   Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 27(3), 247–273.

Hu, S., Guasti, M. T., &   Gavarró, A. (2018). Chinese children’s knowledge of topicalization:   Experimental evidence from a comprehension study. Journal of   Psycholinguistic Research, 47(6), 1279–1300.

Hu, S., Vender, M., Fiorin, G.,   & Delfitto, D. (2018). Difficulties in comprehending affirmative and   negative sentences: Evidence from Chinese with reading difficulties. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 51(2),   181–193.

Hu, S., & Guasti, M. T. (2017). Complexity   in the acquisition of relative clauses: Evidence from school-age sequential   Mandarin–Italian bilingual children. Journal   of International Chinese Education, 2, 119–154.

Hu, S., Gavarró, A., & Guasti, M. T. (2016).   Children’s production of head-final relative clauses: The case of Mandarin. Applied Psycholinguistics, 37, 323–346.

Hu, S., Gavarró, A., Vernice, M., & Guasti, M. T.   (2016). The acquisition of Chinese relative clauses: Contrasting two   theoretical approaches. Journal   of Child Language, 43,   1–21.

Research Projects:

1.          2018-2021 Relative   clauses acquisition in Chinese children with specific language impairment and children with reading disorder, funded by National Social Science   Fund of China, no. 18BYY080 (PI: Shenai Hu)

2.         2017-2020 A Cross-linguistic Study on the Processing   of Negation, funded by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central   Universities, no. 20720171054 (PI: Shenai Hu)



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