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CLFC Students Share “Double-Degree” Experience
  Time: 2018-05-31   Author:   clicks: 37

On March 7, six second-year CFLC students shared their experience in studying for a double degree with first-year CFLC students. They talked about their study methods, time management, and the features of double-degree programs in economics, management, and the humanities.

Si Shuting, a sophomore who was pursuing a double degree in economics, gave a presentation on the basics of the double-degree program in economics. She urged freshmen to think twice before signing up for a double-degree program as it requires tremendous effort.

Zhou Huan, who has enrolled in a double-degree program in financial management, introduced its curricular design. He stated that interested students might not have to worry about the program’s requirements for mathematics.

Zhang Yuchen and Ju Xinyi, who were working on a double degree in statistics and economics respectively at the Wangya’nan Institute for Studies in Economics, both spoke from their personal experience, illustrating the peculiarities of the programs. They pointed out that both programs are not easy and require significant amounts of time and energy.

For double-degree programs in the humanities, Guo Ran, who was pursuing a double degree in law, encouraged interested students to sign up, stating that law studies would help students foster critical thinking skills. In addition, Dong Hang expounded the benefits of a double degree in advertising.

According to the speakers, if you have an altruistic interest in a subject, but also have a genuine interest in another subject, a double major may be for you. However, know that earning a double major takes more time in college and it may make more sense to simply earn the bachelor’s degree and seek a master’s degree in the same subject area as the time to completion may be close to identical. Don't forget, you may also be able to minor or specialize in a secondary subject as well. At the end of the day, you must weigh your finances, time, interests, and patience in determining what makes sense.

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